Dr. Andreas Hansson, PhD

• Former Managing Director at Softbank, where he led due diligence on deep tech opportunities.

• PhD in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, and former Visiting Researcher at Princeton University.

• Former Technical Advisor to the CTO of Arm Ltd.

• Andreas is an angel investor, and also serves on the Boards of a number of public companies, including AutoStore, the leading automated storage and retrieval system provider, and as Chair of the Board of Kahoot! ASA, a leading EdTech platform.

Prof. Peter Leek, PhD

• Physics lecturer and researcher at the University of Oxford, where he leads the Leek Lab, developing superconducting circuits for quantum computing

• Founder of Oxford Quantum Circuits Limited, a company developing quantum computers that harness innovations from Peter’s research.

Prof. Dan Browne, PhD

• UCL - lecturer in the Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positronic Physics Group.

• Advisor at Riverlane, a spin-out from Cambridge that develops software and algorithms for quantum computers.

• Awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at Oxford to work in both the Atomic and Laser Physics Group and the Quantum and Nanotechnology group

• Imperial College - PhD thesis entitled "Quantum Information Processing with Quantum Optical Systems".

Jake Greenberg

• Managing Director of Sage Enterprises, a merchant banking business that partners with companies at the nexus of technology and energy.

• Former Global Head of Natural Resources Equities at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

• Chief Commercial and Chief Strategy Officer of Paratus, a parametric energy price insurance company he co-founded.

Julian McIntyre

• Julian is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a unique blend of experience in technology, energy and finance.

• Founder/CEO of Arq, a $500m technology company that converts coal waste into fuel additives and advanced carbon materials.

• Julian founded Gateway Communications, a pan-African telecoms company that was sold to Vodacom in 2008 for $700 million. 

Philip Goldsmith

• Philip has worked for 25 years in financial markets, the last 19 of which were as a buy side investor.

• Partner/Co-Head of Research at DSAM, a £15bn AUM Hedge Fund where he led pre-SPAC investments into IONQ and Rigetti.

• Prior to DSAM, Philip worked with the CIO of Caxton, and as an equity analyst at Mason and Atticus Capital. 

• He began his career as a research analyst for Bear Sterns and then ABN AmroHoare Govett.